101 in 1001

Note: Welcome to my first blog post! After serious debate, I’ve decided to pursue one of my goals and share my words/advice/wisdom (and some maybe not-so-smart decisions) with you all.

I had a little trouble adjusting to the post-grad stage of my life. I had this awkward 2 month break between finishing school and moving/starting my job and frankly, I wasn’t very productive. I’m a person motivated by lists and goals. One of my top strengths is consistency and I like checking things on a list off. One of my favorite bloggers [chronicles of frivolity] did a post about doing “101 things in 1001 days” and I was quickly hooked.

In college my goals were to “live up the weekends” and “get an ‘A’ in my finance class”. Now I’m setting goals devoted to changing myself; whether that be in my faith, my career, or for my future. Granted, I still added a ton of goals on my list that are fun and deal with traveling, but I’m excited to be able to try to do all of these things before February 2018!

I wanted to share my list with you in hopes you might start one. No matter what stage of your life you’re in, this is such an opportunity to look into the future. Let me know if you’ve done any of these/start one too!

Start Date: June 1, 2015

Finish Date: February 25, 2018


  1. Fully decorate my apartment in Chicago.
  2. Invest in a new, quality couch. (6/3/15)
  3. Find a great church in Chicago.
  4. Try a barre class. (8/1/15)
  5. Try a yoga class.
  6. Work out for 28 days straight [becomes a habit].
  7. Read 1 book a month for a year. (Month 1-The President’s Shadow, Month 2-The Rumor, Month 3-Vanishing Girls, Month 4-Paper Towns)
  8. Join a tennis league/intramural.
  9. Bike to the pier.
  10. Set a budget.
  11. Drink atop the Hancock Tower. (6/14 mom’s birthday)
  12. Go to a Bulls game.
  13. Learn to cook homemade alfredo sauce. [I am SO bad at attempting]
  14. Do my daily devotional every day for 1 month.
  15. Find and try an MMA school in Chicago.
  16. Join the Chicago Tri Delta alumni chapter. (7/1/15)
  17. Help out with a Tri Delta collegiate chapter as an alumna.
  18. Donate blood.
  19. Join a wine club. (10/22/2015)
  20. Get my concealed carry license.


  1. Land a Sales Rep position in a city I love; Chicago or not.
  2. Establish a set work schedule.
  3. Take a coding class.
  4. Up my professional wardrobe.
  5. Hit salary goal for 2018.
  6. Become a mentor to a trainee at work.
  7. Start a blog. (NOW-10/27/2015)
  8. Get my MBA [anytime in 5 years, not 3].

Family & Friends

  1. Take a girl’s trip with my high school friends.
  2. Visit Ali in Minnesota (10/16/2015).
  3. Go to Summerfest with Amelia. (7/1/15 Kendrick Lamar)
  4. Put together my recipe book with help from my Grandma.
  5. Go on a trip with my grandparents.
  6. Visit Blaise at ISU (9/12/15).
  7. Send Blaise a care package.
  8. Get coffee/brunch with other Tri Deltas in Chicago (date?)
  9. Pay for my parents to go on vacation for their anniversary.
  10. Randomly send my mom gifts from Chicago.
  11. Randomly send Seth a Chicago pizza (7/26/15).


  1. Travel abroad.
  2. Go somewhere all-inclusive.
  3. Go to Harry Potter World.
  4. Travel to vineyards in Napa.
  5. See Britney Spears in Vegas front row with Audrey.
  6. Go to New York around Christmas time.
  7. Go to Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket.
  8. Go to the Kentucky Derby.
  9. Go skiing out west (not Colorado).
  10. Go to a concert at Red Rocks.
  11. Visit Charleston, South Carolina.


  1. Find a hair salon in Chicago (Asha, Aveda).
  2. Go to a drive-in movie.
  3. Eat Chicago hot dogs (Portillo’s on National Hot Dog day 9/15).
  4. Play a full round of golf.
  5. Go to at least 5 concerts in Chicago.
  6. Subscribe to a home/living magazine.
  7. Go to a spa for a girl’s day.
  8. Take my mom to get a pedicure.
  9. Go on a hot air balloon.
  10. Paddle board.
  11. Go parasailing.
  12. Learn to jump the wake wakeboarding successfully.
  13. Go to a Blackhawks game.
  14. Find the Husker bar in Chicago (on Clark, 8/15).
  15. Run a 10k.
  16. See a ballet.
  17. See Wicked with my mom.
  18. Get a t-shirt quilt made.
  19. Do a 1-3 day juice cleanse.
  20. Complete insanity.
  21. Get my first buck.
  22. Visit the Chicago Public Library nearest me.
  23. Listen to Father Mike Schmitz’s Podcast Homilies every day for a month.
  24. Go to the Chicago Aquarium.
  25. Complete photo albums of all my college pictures [depressing].
  26. Can soup or veggies with my mom.
  27. Go to RPM Steak.
  28. Go to a professional soccer game.
  29. Go kayaking.
  30. See the Northern Lights.
  31. Visit “the bean” [how have I never been?] (7/26 with Amelia).
  32. Make homemade apple pie (10/9/15).
  33. Read The Great Gatsby.
  34. Learn to play Poker.
  35. Learn to fold fitted sheets.
  36. Attend a Bears game.
  37. Have a mint plant in my apartment & don’t kill it this time.
  38. Make lasagna.
  39. Take my vitamins every day for a month [or more…!].
  40. Give up something for Lent and stick with it.

Invest or Spend

  1. Read a book on investing.
  2. Invest in stock.
  3. Up the amount I put in my monthly mutual fund.
  4. Each year increase the amount I put in my 401K.
  5. Donate monthly to the church I join.
  6. Purchase a Burberry Trench coat.
  7. Treat myself to a Louis Vuitton MM bag.
  8. Purchase a set of quality luggage (9/15).
  9. Invest in a 5-qt Kitchen Aid mixer.

100. Inspire someone to create a list.

101. FINISH this list. 🙂